More "Theme" Tables for Dining Fun

I loved this particular table because of the rich colors.  The theme was "Storybook" and the book chosen was "Arabian Nights"Below is another view of the table.
Here is another look at the "Chicago" table, made to look like a speakeasy booth.The following photos are all of the little details that made this dining-table-as-art exceptional.  It took the "Best of Show" that particular year.
Normally a tablescaping design should not require a hand gun, but this & the purse, along with the lipstick and "to do" list, was a wonderful and humorous touch!
Sadly, this romantic "table" themed as a breakfast in bed, had to be disqualified.  I had the unfortunate task (as usual) of calling the artist who had designed it.  I loved it, and felt it was acceptable, but was overruled by the department head.  Another view is below.

More storybook themed tables from years prior...
"The Secret Garden" tea table.  One interpretation is the purple and green floral table above and another interpretation is below.

Tea tables were always very pretty, but themed tables for "Rock 'n Roll" or the Harley Davidson 50th Anniversary always brought out some fantastic work, such as those tables shown below.


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