State Dinner for the Duke of Gloucester, Australia 1934 and a Connection to Helena Bonham Carter

   Here are new, and much clearer, photos of some names from the seating chart for the dinner in honor of the Duke of Gloucester, Australia 1934 of a previous post.  

Note the "Capt. S.S. Bonham Carter".  Later "Admiral Sir Stuart Bonham Carter", he had served in the Royal Navy in both World Wars and rose to the rank of Vice Admiral.  He was a distant relative of actress Helena Bonham Carter.  

Seated at 2. Capt. S. S. Bonham Carter



  1. Boy, you really have to be a detective to search out this stuff! Who knew there were so many Bonham-Carters around? I looked the name up and there sure are a lot. Nice info.

    There is a "Chaplain to Apostolic Delgate" there on the list too on the seating chart. Did they not have a name to go with the title? Or was someone sent, like the person who had some free time or something? I'm just curious.

  2. This is really interesting. Have you thought of contacting the actress? I wonder if she knew him. I loved "Howard's End" and "A Room with a View". She is great in period pieces.


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