The Perfect Hat for When One Wants to Look Like a Rose Bush

     I still haven't found a hat to wear to the bridal shower that I am attending tomorrow.  This one pictured above won't do, even if it is reasonably priced.  It would look great though, if I ever wanted to dress in all green and attend a costume party dressed as a rose bush.
     Happy Halloween Weekend!


  1. Your post on Facebook & Linked In are right on. The hats in the old ads are a riot. Mira wants the one above for $4.89. Keep'em coming Ms. Graber. We love reading your blog!

  2. I think this hat is beautiful. A steal at that price in dollars now. Probably a large part of a weeks pay back then. The Gone with the Wind 'Bonnets' are not my cup'o'tea though.

    Have fun at your event today.

  3. A lovely hat. And funny to boot! I pray the shower was a smashing success!


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