Friday, August 4, 2017

Youth and Teen Etiquette Classes

The RSVP Institute of Etiquette is offering more ongoing coed classes at the historic Graber Olive House!

Students learn a variety of vital social skills, that will help them easily navigate socially throughout their lives. 

New courses begin 
Saturday August 12th 
and Sunday August 13th
from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Youth courses for ages 6 and up, are held in 3 two hour sessions. The $85.00 per student, course fee, includes foods to practice dining skills with and all necessary learning materials.

Kid and teen tested foods, like the Original Graziano's pasta and pizza we serve, are great foods to use when practicing dining skills. A variety of other foods are served, as well!
These fun 6 hour etiquette courses will cover:

  • Basic Social Graces, including Introductions & Exchanging Pleasantries
  • Dining Skills & Table Manners (w/foods to practice dining skills)
  • Manners at Home & Abroad, Cultural Diversity, Respect for Others
  • Deflecting Peer Pressure, Tech Etiquette, Notes of Thanks
  • Social Media Manners, Cell Phone Manners, Text Manners, etc...
  • Making Eye contact, Developing Great Posture & Good Grooming
We don't require fancy or formal clothing, as we want our students to understand that good manners are necessary for all areas of their lives – Home, school, the mall, restaurants, movie theaters, the beach, etc...

The historic Graber Olive House is at 
315 E. Fourth Street, Ontario CA 91764 
 Stop by for a registration form and a free tour to learn about this Inland Empire landmark.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A New Tea Etiquette Book

My newest children's book in the 
Wallflowers and Wildflowers 
series continues with 
"Betty Learns Tea Manners with the Wallflowers and Wildflowers"
Follow Betty, as she learns all about proper afternoon tea manners with the help of the Wallflowers, the Wildflowers and the rest of the family, pets and animals at the Martin family home in San Dimas, California. It is 1922 and little Betty has five cats at the Martin House: the Wallflowers (Daisy and Violet), who live with the family, sheltered inside the cozy home. The Wildflowers (Aster, Johnny Jump-Up, and Sweet William), all outdoor kitties living in the barn and yard, enjoying the birds and butterflies. The Wallflowers and Wildflowers are an enthusiastic group, willing to teach each other how to conduct themselves, and the good manners needed for different environments. Most of all, they teach each other how to best enjoy themselves while using the new manners they learn, with the help of Rags, the loyal family dog. 

I've included some proper tea etiquette for the parents, too!

The art of Christie Shinn, of HoraTora Studios, captures some of the very real animals and characters in this series!

Lovable, and Helpful, Rags the Dog

Rags in 1916, San Dimas
"A book written for children and animal lovers of all ages. Little Betty grew up to become Betty Graber of the historic Graber Olive House in Ontario, California. She told her son, Clifford and daughter in-law, Maura, about her childhood cats a few weeks before her passing in September of 2014. This book is lovingly dedicated to Betty."

Available now at The Graber Olive House  and on

Monday, February 6, 2017

Etiquette Classes at Graber Olive House

Team games, role playing and  prizes are used to develop vital social skills to fit into the world of today and tomorrow.
Our newest, ongoing etiquette courses, are starting again at the historic Graber Olive House
on February 12th!

Mixed-age, youth classes, ages 7 and up are from 12:30 to 2:30

Teen etiquette classes for ages 13 and up, are  from 3:00 to 5:00  

An $85.00 student fee will include foods to practice the dining skills taught each week, along with all necessary learning materials.

 Pre-registration is a must! 
Call 800 891-RSVP or 909 923-5650 
for registration and payment information.
We are pleased to introduce our new instructor, Barbara Becka
Our 3, two-hour session etiquette courses cover...

• Basic Manners
• Introductions & Responses
• Dining Skills & Table Manners
(foods to practice)
• Manners for Home & Abroad 
• Cultural Diversity
• Respect for Others
• Deflecting Peer Pressure
• Writing Notes of Thanks
• Making Eye Contact
• Developing Great Posture
• Good Grooming
• Tech and Social Media Etiquette
• Texts & Cell Phone Etiquette
• Video Gaming Manners & More! 

The Graber Olive House is located at 315 East Fourth Street, Ontario, California 909 983-1761