Expected Etiquette from the Late 1800's to the Mid-1900's

I can't seem to get enough old magazines and etiquette books.
It doesn't matter where they are from. I even peruse old books on sociology, ethnography, anthropology, psychology and history. They are windows into the past beliefs, ideas, hopes and culture that have shaped our society all around the globe today. In the future, I will be posting more of these nuggets I have snipped from some of my favorite books in my library. Good manners have always been a must for societies to thrive in peace, but the Victorian Era titans of industry, or
the faux aristocracy, seemed to step it up a notch with their on one-upmanship here in the U.S.

When my daughter and her boyfriend go to a movie, are introductions done properly?
Are my son's manners on dates anything like the date in the illustration from a book published in 1937?

Food for thought....


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