Business & Finance: Deathless Duel

Business & Finance: Deathless Duel

On a tragically funny note-

I love the style of this writer from 1931 in TIME Magazine. He (or she?), writes about Italians, and a banker Domenico Di Luglio casting an evil eye on another bank in Rhode Island. The writer also mentions that Di Luglio eats too much and drinks too much. The other banker is described as "elegant" twice. Yes, Di Luglio does make 4 attempts to shoot another banker, Francesco Galiano, failing miserably. And attempted harm or murder are both reprehensible behaviors. But what would his food intake have to do with this? Or his possible superstitions simply because he is Italian? The journalism seems a bit reprehensible as well. I'm seeing poor manners in both Di Luglio and the writer of this archived article. Take note; Never should one mention nationality (unless it is pertinent to the story), the possible superstitions of another, or bias readers with how much one supposedly eats or drinks.

Oh yes... Now guess which one was my great-grandfather. As I stated, tragically funny.
TIME Archive,
Italians fear Il Malocchio, the evil eye. Last week in Providence, R. I., Domenico Di Luglio, 65, seemed to cast an evil eye on Woonsocket Loan & Discount Co. as he strode up and down in front of it for the better part of an hour. Banker Di Luglio, a powerful man who eats more than his doctor advises, likes the red wine too, had just that morning resigned as president of $500,000-in-resources Dante State Bank, giving the position to his son.
At length, stomping in great steps, Banker Di Luglio entered the Woonsocket offices. He went to the desk of Woonsocket President Francesco Galiano, 64, an elegant gentleman who had once been his partner, whose son had married a Di Luglio daughter. Banker Di Luglio had heard that Banker Galiano had said evil things about Dante State Bank. Whipping out a .32-cal. revolver he pulled the trigger four times. The gun did not go off. Banker Galiano grabbed for his own revolver, fired into the wall. Banker Di Luglio grabbed the gun away, bashed elegant Mr. Galiano in the head with it. Mr. Galiano was taken to a hospital. Mr. Di Luglio went to jail where he refused bail, asked permission to stay all night and cool off.
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