Correct Table Setting & Artistic Themed Tables

Here are more photos of some very memorable tables.  Most of these won top awards at the L.A. County Fair Tablescaping Competition, or were tables I found truly unique.  The first is a setting that shows correct placement of flatware for a formal meal.  This table was a bit busy, but all of the elements worked well to create a beautiful table.  The first photo is of the setting, the second photo is of the stemware.

If there is no food on the menu requiring a spoon, no spoon goes to the right of the knife at the setting for a formal meal. The small spoon above the plate is for dessert. Napkins are always best on the plate.  People then have to put them on their laps in order to allow food to be placed on the plates.  Napkins left under forks or other flatware leaves your dining companions to either have to use utensils or remove the utensils, 
to then place the napkins in their laps.

One of my favorite tables the final year I co-sponsored and judged at the fair, this "Out of Africa" table was outstanding.  All elements created an incredible table that we wanted to sit down and eat at.  Following are more photos from the "African Safari" themed tables.

Another fantastic arrangement was this "African Photographic Safari" table, with a National Geographic flavor.   So many wonderful things to look at! 

Below is the setting from another of the Safari tables.  This is a simple setting, yet the foliage and flowers and the stuffed primate "focal point" in the back, made this a memorable table for me.

Check back as I will be posting more photos in the next few days....


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