Holiday Settings by Eda Bierman and Candace Mayeron

  The fan with its silk cord is a wonderful napkin holder & party favor on Eda Bierman's inspired festive Asian settings.
After about 10 years, I left all judging and sponsoring behind me at the fair. The tablescaping event had lost its appeal and luster, not to mention the air conditioned and spacious building it had been housed in for so many years prior. I judged foods, clothing and several other assorted things as well, but my heart was with the tables.

 Candace Mayeron makes a gorgeous setting for a Thanksgiving table!
These beautiful and creative settings are from two competitors I met while I was taking some photos on the last day, of the last fair I had judged for and sponsored. I had never met any of the competitors from fairs prior, though I had some email correspondence with a few of them or phone calls due to judging and scoring questions.  I had just judged cheesecakes and was leaving that hot afternoon when I stopped to get some last photos. 
Another Asian inspired setting by Eda Bierman


Figuring I would not run into any of the people who had set tables (they would be taking them down at 11:00 that night, & this was still early in the afternoon) I felt I was safely avoiding running into anyone who wanted to take me to task on the judging of the tables. A woman approached and asked me if I was a reporter. I explained that I was not, and told her who I was with regard to the tables. I was busted! She immediately said she had entered one of the Thanksgiving tables and that her friend had done an Asian table.  

Candace Mayeron at the table she recreated for me
Introductions were made all around and we got into a discussion of the event.  It was their first time entering and they wanted me to know about a fundraiser they participated in yearly in Palos Verdes Estates.(More on that event in the next few days) We exchanged email addresses and business cards and I went on my way. 
Eda Bierman's Chanukkah table
Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know these two very creative women through the Palos Verdes events and I will be posting some videos for you to see how easily these tables can be done.  For now, here are some more photos of award winning tablescapes and the place settings for them, that Eda Beirman & Candace Mayeron created.
Candace Mayeron' created this table for the fair.  This was done without the first course in stemware, as shown in the earlier photos, so no stemware would be required on the plate, nor would the spoon to the right of the knife be necessary.


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