Who Sat Where with The Duke and Duchess in Hollywood?

 After looking over my Australian seating chart from 1934, and reading up on so many royal dinners, I got to wondering...

Who Sat Where with The Duke and Duchess in Hollywood?

Will the seating charts for the BAFTA dinner and charity event ever wind up framed somewhere?  Probably not, as most likely the chart was all done electronically and is on someone's computer.  

Seeing the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge was an event few celebrities wanted to miss.  The Hollywood Reporter provided at least one table's seating arrangement.  That of the "Head Table"! 

Thank you Hollywood Reporter... I always knew my subscription to you would be worthwhile!

The Duke and his Duchess, William and Kate attended the star-studded BAFTA gala.  Prince William, BAFTA’s president, introduced forty-two emerging actors, producers, writers and even video game designers to Hollywood's elite.
The Duke and his Duchess arrive in style to the BAFTA event.

Actually there were far fewer celebrities sitting at the table with the Duke and Duchess than I would have imagined.  Of course, many feel Barbra Streisand to be "Hollywood Royalty" so seeing her name was not a surprise to me.  

I did note that husbands and wives were seated together.  That generally has been frowned upon so that others at the table do not feel left out of conversations.  

All things considered though, I think it was a good grouping.  Cheers!

         Royal Seating Chart for the BAFTA Event


  1. I loved the part in "Pride & Prejudice" when Lady Catherine indignantly barks at her guest, ""Mr. Collins, you can't sit next to your wife! Move. Over there." Two socially challenged boobs at the dinner table, yet they thought so highly of themselves.

    I always have stayed with the older etiquette books recommendations of seating spouses apart from one another. Makes for much more interesting conversation and draws those out who may otherwise sit unhappily silent at the table if they have not come with another guest.


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