More on Men and Manners

551-479 BC
"The ancient kings were watchful in regard to the things by which the mind was affected. And so they instituted ceremonies to direct men's aims aright; music to give harmony to their voice; laws to unify their conduct..." Confucious on clarifying manners and civility.

Collin Powell early in his military career
"The use of profane or filthy language is forbidden. A man who cannot express his feelings without profanity is seldom a good leader of men." 
The Bluejackets Manual 1944

Wally, Eddie and Ward Cleaver talk college
"Good manners are the instruments that round off the personality of a man so that it is agreeable and it becomes a strong magnet of attraction for fellowship in the business world as well as in campus life."
 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 1958


  1. I knew so many guys like Eddie Haskell in school. A real"tool", as our sons would say. The actor grew up and worked for the CHP, and was known as a great guy, so his acting was superb. His character was more memorable on that show than June Cleaver's pearls.

  2. My sons and grandsons need to read these. I'm passing them on.


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