Thanksgiving Thoughts and Notes of "Thanks"

Giving Thanks to All
Being thankful really is something most people should practice year round, however a lot of people I run into seem to be anything but thankful these last few years.  Many people seem to be drained and anxiety filled. Others I know, go into bouts of depression for months at a time.  I try to reach them to offer encouragement, but they make it very hard if they will not pick up the phone or respond to cards and emails.

I'll admit, there are brief moments when I start to feel sorry for myself, or I let depression sneak in when I am in pain or not able to conquer tasks that need to be taken care of, on any random day. However I try to overcome negative thoughts by reminding myself of a few things;

The sentiments of this vintage Thanksgiving card are especially meaningful to me.

I have food in my pantry.  Millions of people throughout the world go to sleep each night hungry. And though my health leaves so much to be desired these last few years, and I would need a miracle to be as healthy as I was even 4 years ago, I am not wheelchair bound, unable to speak or move, as is the case with my niece's new father in-law.  He has been suffering from ALS for several years now.  Seeing him at my niece's wedding a few weeks back, I was struck by the fact that he cannot be much older than me and he must feel as if he is in a prison. 

No, I have a lot to be thankful for when I see others who have so little. I have the ability to work and share a skill, though my doctor advised me to stop long ago. I am thankful for the help of all my friends these past few challenging years.  Especially the help and support of Demita and Alicia, who are willing to do the physical things for me that I can no longer do and continue working. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my medical insurance. Most importantly, I have a roof over my head, while so many people do not.

My kids are healthy and employed. Many throughout the U.S. and world are not healthy and are not employed. I am thankful that I live in the United States, where I have a bounty of freedoms and a better quality of life than in many countries around the world.  Above all, I try to remember that life is short, and in this short amount of time I have been given, I need to never forget to say, "Thank you" and really feel appreciative for all that I have been blessed with over my lifetime.

Saying "thank you" takes so little time and effort.  It means much to others, in a world in which people are more apt to complain about poor service than praise good service.  In a world where people are more likely to pass by others without giving a smile.  A world in which strangers avoid situations when help should be given, instead of offering a helping hand. In this world we share with others, saying "thanks" and showing appreciation is at the very least, a truly civil and polite thing that one can do.


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