Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair Salon Etiquette Tips

There has been so much buzz in the news about hair these days.  Most of it good, most of it bad, but nothing like the shear madness Ms. Britney displayed a few years back.
The shear madness of Britney Spears...gone, but not forgotten

 Headlines talk about all the latest-
Who hated their wildly popular hairstyle from the 1990's?  Who cut their coveted and much  copied hair style?

The 1990's "Aniston"

Jen Aniston's new look

The "old" Justin vs the new

What hair styles, weaves and colors just didn't make the cut with the fashionista reporters doling out the latest and up-to-date critiques at all of the recent award shows? 

A picture says a thousand words ladies. Take a gander at these cautionary tales above on the left....

 Who had a hit with the song "Whip My Hair"? Then who had me in stitches when he comically covered "Whip My Hair" in such a hysterical fashion that the video went viral?

Willow Smith whipping her hair while whipping up a hit song
Bruce Springsteen sings back up to Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young impersonation
And who is channeling whom with their newest hair style, hair color or weave? Too many celebs  to show on this blog!

Talk of hair has become inescapable, especially around awards' season and as we move on into warmer weather of Spring & Summer.

Minding your manners while visiting a hair salon can be beneficial to you as well as your hairstylist. "Visiting a salon is not only an ego boost, but a relaxing experience." according to Sylvia Gebhart of the Gebhart International Hair Color Group at La Bella Day Spa and Salon in Upland California. I recently spoke with Sylvia for her advice when it comes to being the polite hair salon patron.

"Please don't wait until Thursday to get a Saturday appointment. Please call well in advance when you want to look your most fabulous for a special event. Fridays and Saturdays are very busy for stylists. Especially around the holidays." 

"If you are visiting your regular stylist but want a dramatic change, please call your stylist for a mini consult a few days in advance of your appointment and let him or her know what you have in mind.  The mini consult over the phone will allow your stylist to make any needed changes in the schedule that will enable you to get the look you want."

Tech gadgets are often in use in most salons and Sylvia says that it is really best that your iPad, cell phone or other electronic devices are put in a safe place while your stylist is applying hair color or anything else to your hair that could splash on to your device.  "The best time to use any tech gadgets in the salon is while your hair is processing or if you are under the dryer.  We don't want your personal gadgets damaged any more that you do!" 

Cancellations can offer the opportunity for someone else to be squeezed into a hectic schedule.  Sylvia advises, "If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice.  That way we can book someone else into that time slot."

Any last salon etiquette tips from Sylvia? "In our salon, we provide gowns for a reason. We want clients who are getting some sort of chemical process or color applied to their hair to change into a gown. This is to protect expensive clothes.  Just like tech gadgets, we do not want to see anything splashed where it shouldn't be.  If your salon doesn't provide a gown to change into, don't wear your favorite outfit in to see your stylist.  That way, when you leave, nothing that matters to you will be changed but your hair."

Watch Jimmy Fallon's parody (and dead on Neil Young impersonation) of "Whip My Hair"

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Etiquette Classes in Ontario for Spring!

The RSVP Institute is pleased to  offer an Advanced Manners Class at the Graber Olive House in Ontario, beginning Sunday, March 27th 
The 4 classes for ages 5 -11 are from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.  
The 4 classes for ages 12 & up are from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.
The fee is $70.00 and covers all foods and handouts, along with a bonus 5th class added, for any students who have to miss a Sunday class. 

Basic to Advanced Social and Dining Skills will be covered, prizes will be earned and the skills needed to foster self confidence are taught with smiles and fun. 

Please register by March 25th to secure a spot for your student! 

Call 909 923-5650 or email for more information and a registration form:mannersclass@gmail.com 

Checks or other payment can be mailed to: RSVP, 301 East Fourth Street, Ontario 91764