Valentine's Day Greetings of Yesteryear

Trying to organize my life's belongings, photos and mementos has been tough lately.  It seems like the clock ticks faster every day and I get less done because of that quick ticking.

Recently, I was going through the baby book that my mother had kept from my early years.  I began wondering if I should keep anything to pass on, or simply scan it and put it on a CD for posterity.  I have to admit that sitting down and reading some cards and notes kept in the book, gave me a lot of laughs. Some of my favorites are the congratulatory cards upon my birth and I will share those cards in the next post.

The cards are from an era that seemed to suddenly start to vanish, not more than a dozen or so years after I was born. A time when men started actually helping their wives through delivery of babies, as opposed to standing around a hospital waiting room, passing out cigars.  Humorous for me to look at now, but only  because I did not share my mother's era's experience in delivering children. The cards sent to my parents, were sent in a very different world than in which we live today. 

I was reading my email today, and came upon a slew of vintage Valentine greetings someone had passed along to me.   I remember seeing some similar cards in my baby book.  They are from probably from the 1950s or early 1960s. An era that wouldn't know political correctness if it stumbled upon it in the road.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did, just try not to laugh too hard when you realize people were thrilled to receive these and others were paid good money to design them in the first place!


  1. My mother has some just like these from when she was in her 20s. My kids look at them in an old photo album mom has. Brings back many memories for me!

  2. As usual, your blogs are unique and timely! Love this!


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