Brolly Good Show! Queen Elizabeth and Her Chic, Colorful Secret

Queen Elizabeth has a Charming Secret Reason for Her Chic  and Transparent Umbrellas

In my line of work, I follow a large amount of international news, which I pass on to others via this blog & via Twitter  (@IntlEtiquette) I came across this one night and was completely charmed by the Queen's simple way of letting her public see her, and stay dry at the same time.

I was at first struck by the simplicity and complexity, the yin and yang of the whole notion.  But I had to wonder; Did the Queen come up with this idea on her own? Did she hire an image and wardrobe consultant? Is this part  of the 'new and improved' version of the Queen, since the late 1990's and Princess Diana's death?

Regardless of how the decision was made, I applaud the choice.  Kudos to the Queen for desiring to be more visible to "her people".  To me, she is now the 'Chic and Thoughtful' Queen Elizabeth. 

The Duchess takes cue from the Queen

The following came from the U.K.'s "Daily Mail"-

"When the Queen was caught in the rain outside St Paul’s Cathedral this week, she flourished a transparent umbrella with a deep red trim which matched her outfit. Coincidence? Hardly. She has a delightful and little-known indulgence:

She commissions see-through umbrellas - so the public can see her - that are colour-matched with her clothes. The  Duchess of Cambridge also ordered a black-trimmed matching umbrella, which she carried at the War Horse film premiere in January."

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  1. Fascinating. Had never heard of this clever idea.


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