The Art of the Social Graces

    The study of etiquette and social graces is a science, but practicing the knowledge gained from that science, is truly an art form that one develops!

   The Art of the Social Graces
     by Bernadette Michelle Petrotta

"Do not assume people enjoy forwarded emails.  Check with them first before sending"~from The Art of the Social Graces


Bernadette Petrotta is one of the few people I know, who practices the art of social graces in her everyday life. Long an etiquette instructor, her book is a concise, well written guide to etiquette, and how to artfully put that etiquette to use with social grace and ease.



"The essence of hospitality means leaving no detail unattended. Set your table with a sense of poise and a sense of welcome that brings warmth into your home."~from The Art of the Social Graces 


It is filled with helpful suggestions, and the rules for introductions, entertaining, dining out, helpful dining guidelines for all types of foods, table setting and place setting diagrams, appropriate attire, afternoon tea and much more.  There are one or two points I disagree with Bernadette on, but people have personal preferences, and we are no exception.  Besides that, I can find at least ten things I disagree on within the first few glances at the majority of newer books on etiquette that I see.  "The Art of the Social Graces" is an exception.


"The hostess will place a napkin on her lap.  The guests should follow suit." ~from The Art of the Social Graces

I do not generally recommend any new etiquette books, however this book is truly worth reading.  If you are in the etiquette business, feel flummoxed at the thought of entertaining, or know a new bride or bride-to-be who can use guidance, this book is an excellent choice for any bookshelf or home library.


  1. That tea table looks inviting! Yummm :) Thanks for the information on the book! Always looking for gifts for brides, Mother's day, etc...

  2. Thank you Maura for the fabulous blog post about my book. You are truly a great friend.


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