New Youth and Teen Etiquette Classes at the Historic Graber Olive House in So. California

Learning Best Techniques for Eating Spaghetti

The RSVP Institute of Etiquette offers coed youth courses, on Sundays, at the Historic Graber Olive House in Ontario.  Please call about available class times and prices.

Instructional Handouts Given Out at Each Class Session
Challenging, Tasty Foods Served Each Week
 Course fees include all foods  and all of instructional handouts.

       Questions? Email

       Call RSVP at: 909 923-5650 

Outside 909 Area Code: 800-891-RSVP

Using a Knife and Fork Properly
Mastering the Use of a Fork
Even Cheeseburgers Challenge Knives and Forks

How Are You With Corn on the Cob?

Classes Focus on Key Skills;  
Introductions and Proper Responses
• Dining Skills and Table Manners
• Manners for Home or Abroad

Cultural Diversity and Respect for Others 

• Deflecting Peer Pressure, Tech Etiquette
Writing Proper Notes of “Thanks"   
• Developing Good Eye Contact, Great Posture    

Grooming Habits for the Polite Person
• Internet Manners, Cell Phone Manners and Text  Manners
•Advanced Manners and Dining Techniques

All the vital tools that will open doors, build friendships and assist with smooth sailing through life's social pitfalls!

The Historic Graber Olive House is located at: 315 E. Fourth Street, Ontario 91764     


  1. Hi, Mrs.Graber! I went to your etiquette class last week with troop 1334. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be coming back.
    - Olivia Escartin


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