New Coed Teen Etiquette Course

The RSVP Institute of Etiquette’s newest coed “Teen and ‘Tween” Course for ages 12 and up, at the Historic Graber Olive House in Ontario is in the evenings, starting Tuesday, July 29th and ending Wednesday July 30th. The fee for the two, 2-hour classes is $55.00 per student. Classes are from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The fee covers the classes, foods & handouts. 

The classes focus on:
• Key Skills~ Basic Manners, including; Introductions & Responses
• Dining Skills & Table Manners (w/foods to practice dining skills) 
• Manners; Home & Abroad, Cultural Diversity, Respect for Others 
• Deflecting Peer Pressure, Tech Etiquette, “Thank you" notes
Social Media Manners, Cell Phone Manners, Text Manners, etc... 
• Making Eye contact, Developing Great Posture & Good Grooming

   Questions? Email Call RSVP Institute: 909 923-5650 

 The Graber Olive House is located at: 315 E. Fourth Street, Ontario                             Phone  909-983-1761   
Registration forms with fee must be returned by July 28th to secure registration! For a form, please stop by the Graber Olive House or email Maura Graber at


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