Youth Etiquette Classes at the Historic Graber Olive House in Ontario

The RSVP Institute of Etiquette is now offering ongoing coed classes at the historic Graber Olive House in Ontario
Every student is encouraged to develop the social skills needed for smooth sailing throughout life!

The youth classes for ages 6 and up through the teens, are held every Sunday
from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

The $75.00 per student fee, includes foods to practice dining skills with and all necessary learning materials
Each student receives weekly session handouts to practice lessons taught when at home
The three, 2-hour session Etiquette Courses will cover: 

  • Basic Manners 
  • Introductions & Responses 
  • Dining Skills & Table Manners (w/foods to practice dining skills) 
  • Manners; Home & Abroad, Cultural Diversity, Respect for Others 
  • Deflecting Peer Pressure, Tech Etiquette, “Thank you” notes 
  • Social Media Manners, Cell Phone Manners, Text Manners, etc... 
  • Making Eye Contact, Developing Great Posture & Good Grooming  

The Graber Olive House is located at
315 East Fourth Street, Ontario, CA 91764
909 983-1761
Hands-on training for utensil use with difficult foods is given weekly

Email for a registration form. 
Or call The RSVP Institute of Etiquette 
800-891-RSVP or 909 923-5650 
Payment by Check, Cash or PayPal is accepted


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