Sunday, September 20, 2015

Immortalizing Betty Graber's Childhood

Bringing Betty Graber's childhood and pets to life in a new book.

 One year ago today, we laid my mother-in-law to rest. Betty Graber was a formidable woman. To say that we always saw eye to eye would be a lie, but there was mutual respect that helped us develop a close relationship over the years.  
One of Betty's Wallflowers, "Violet"
Betty was a lover and patron of the arts. She loved and appreciated great literature, too. She was just at home whether in the great outdoors, or in her own home. And, of course, she also loved the Graber Olive House. 
Rags was one of the family dogs.
Betty once told me that she thought it would be fun to tell people she had lived to 100. I was disappointed that she didn't get to realize that dream. She made it to 98, just two-years shy of her goal. So it seems only fitting, on this weekend, to announce the upcoming book that Betty inspired.
"Rags" from the upcoming book.
A few weeks before Betty left us, Cliff and I were talking about cats while on one of our visits to her.  I asked Betty if she had any pet cats when growing up.  She then proceeded to tell us about the cats from her childhood. It was a story of her pets that my husband had never heard. On our drive home, I remarked that the pets could be used to help teach valuable, children's etiquette lessons.
Christie Shinn, of HoraTora Studios
With the help of the wonderful illustrator, Christie Shinn, "The Wallflowers and Wildflowers Learn Manners" will soon be published and brings Betty, her family and their pets, back to life at the Martin House in San Dimas of 1922. 
In loving memory of Betty Bowden Graber
1916 - 2014
Look for more on the book, upcoming book readings and book signings, in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Etiquette Classes in So. California

Etiquette Classes in the Inland Empire Start September 20th!

The RSVP Institute of Etiquette continues to offer ongoing, coed etiquette classes, at the historic Graber Olive House in Ontario, with new classes starting September 20th!
Every student is encouraged to develop the social skills vitally needed for smooth sailing throughout life.

The youth classes for ages 6 to 16, will be held every Sunday afternoon, 
from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Teen and kid approved foods are served to help with utensil manners!
The $75.00 per student fee, includes foods to practice dining skills with and all necessary learning materials! Now in our 26th year, we are always adding new  subjects and foods to practice dining skills  that are taught. 

Each student receives weekly session handouts in order to practice the lessons they are taught in our classes, when they are at home and at school. 
Role modeling, games and foods all help to practice the skills and lessons taught
The three, 2-hour session, courses cover: 
  • Basic Social Graces 
  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Dining Skills
  • Table Manners  
  • Manners for Home and Abroad
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Respect for Others, 
  • Deflecting Peer Pressure
  • Responding to RSVPs
  • Notes of Thanks
  • Social Media Manners
  • Digital Manners
  • Making Eye Contact 
  • Developing Great Posture
  • Good Grooming 
We love getting thanked by our students!

The Graber Olive House is located at 
315 East Fourth Street, Ontario, CA 91764

Questions? Contact Maura J. Graber at for a registration form, 
or call The RSVP Institute of Etiquette 
Payments by Check, Cash or PayPal are accepted

Maura J. Graber – Teaching etiquette since 1990