Did I Really Ask _________________ "What has _________ civility in _________?" !?!

An old fashioned Chocolate Muddler.  Is this a nun or a nurse?

These are the same photos as before, but now this is the "Mad Lib" Edition.  Upon receiving advice from my brother (Mr. Smarty Pants" attorney) that I remove some things in the original post, I thought I would just "Swiss cheese" the verbiage in it, in order to have lots of neutrality and plenty of empty bits, while paying homage to the late Larry Stern, who created "Mad Libs".  Anyone reading this can fill in the blanks.
So this happened...  My blog post, which was _____________ ________by now (________) is still not ready.  Long story short;  I was driving on the 60 freeway Tuesday, and was ___________ by a guy who looked to be drunk.  Getting ______________ was a real treat.  I feel like a pretzel.  

I actually asked, "What has happened to civility in the _______?" to the very nice highway patrolman who took __________ all of my _______.  A dumb question, that I know the answer to already.  This was after we had called 911.   Not only had this _________________ already _______, but ______, then he "flipped me the bird" before _________ the scene! 

What ______________!  So, here are more lovely silver pieces to look at while I return to bed to recover.

Sterling relish fork

Blackington gilded sterling scoop...

Since Father's Day is next week and in honor of my dad who is 86 years young , I'll post this too.  Dad has sported a mustache for most of my life.  Above is a left-handed mustache spoon, a sterling mustache comb & a mustache mug.  Happy Father's Day!


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  3. This was so much fun to read and to fill in. I printed a few copies out and we all filled in the blanks after dinner when my family gathered for Father's Day. We were in hysterics!

    Now we are all curious as to what the original post was about. Hmmm. Will you be posting any clues? You have posted such beautiful silver pieces lately, but not the full blog posts you normally post. My mother suggested you may have had surgery. She read that you have A.S. My sister in-law thinks maybe there was an accident of sorts. We always enjoy these though, long or short.

    My dad was particularly amused with the moustache items. He grew one when I was a kid, but my mother made him shave it off!


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